Network Intelligence & Threat Mitigation

A highly scalable, NetFlow/IPFIX based big-data platform designed to supercharge NetOps & SecOps taking complex decisions


A Managed Network Intelligence Platform
— Network Visibility, Security and Planning —

Traffic Intelligence

Get DPI-like network intelligence with NetFlow. Get deep visibility without the costs and scalability issues of DPI

Threat Mitigation

From anomalies to compromised hosts, detect and mitigate threats in real time using machine learning


No upfront costs – hardware or software. No hidden maintenance costs: fully managed. Pay-as-you-go

Instant Deployment

No appliances, no software downloads
— Simply send us your NetFlow/jFlow/IPFIX/sFlow from your routers —

Beyond NetFlow

Keeps user's privacy intact
— Yet get DPI-like intelligence —

Big Data Engine

Built for massive scale, deployed on networks at Terabit-Per-Second, working with trillions of flow records in the cloud globally

Machine Learning

A NetFlow, IPFIX engine that leverages our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms that turn plain meta-information into DPI-like intelligence

User Experience

Having the right information at the right time is critical to make informed decisions. We've thoughtfully designed it to work for you

Why Flowcious?

Built for scale & reselling
— Make informed decisions & network operations simple —

Bandwidth monitoring

Track bandwidth usage per application. Spot congestion easily & gain understanding of how traffic is flowing through your network

Forensic database

Storage of raw traffic for in-depth incident analysis and forensics. Flows are indexed and stored, allowing for fast retrieval

Identify top talkers

Trivially determine bandwidth hogs and enforce company policies on bandwidth usage. Information is also available per-application

Detect & mitigate attacks

Our machine learning based algorithms enable signature-less flagging of anomalous traffic patterns, only using NetFlow data

Focus in subnets of interest

Focus in subnets, interfaces, ports, data centers, physical locations, or any other criterion of your choosing

Geolocate traffic

Tell where your traffic comes from, and where it goes, in geographical terms

Trusted By NetOps & SecOps

Loved by Service Providers, Data-Centers, and Multi-Cloud businesses
— Taking away all the complexity by getting Big-Data and Machine Learning to work for you —

Frequently Asked Questions

Flowcious is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) network visibility solution. In other words, Flowcious is a cloud-based network visibility and analysis service.

Our service uses proprietary, Flowcuious-developed algorithms that offer superior visibility compared to other NetFlow-based solutions. Our unique technology uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques that aid in application identification and indicators of compromise. A distinct feature of Flowcious is that it pairs depth of analysis with an agile and responsive user interface.

NetFlow does not include the actual data carried over your network, but only small summaries of each connection known as metadata, such as IP addresses and the total amount of data exchanged. Your customers' data is never sent to us.

Routers can export statistics on the data packets they observe, using protocols such as NetFlow or IPFIX. Essentially, these are small per-connection summaries: IP addresses involved, number of bytes exchanged, etc. Flowcious collects these records which can be retrieved later as needed, and also uses them to offer you great visibility over what's happening in your network.

Almost surely, yes. All major network equipment vendors support generation of the summary data we process and retain on your behalf. Open-source NetFlow generator software also exists. Check whether your device models support NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, or JFlow; all of these formats are supported.

We have both, User-Based & Bandwidth Usage-Based pricing that fits according to your needs.